Anonymous Internet

With Surfsolo VPN you can surf completely anonymous on the internet. Your real IP is hidden and exchanged with the one of our worldwide servers so nobody will ever be able to track you down.

Strong double encryption

SurfSolo VPN offers the strongest encryption on the market. Your traffic is not just encrypted once, but twice with up to 2048 bit.

Ultrafast servers - worldwide

SurfSolo VPN offers several high speed servers in different countries. You can select at any moment what country IP you want to get and your internet speed will not suffer much.

Anonymous Email

SurfSolo VPN comes with an anonymous Email address, with it you will be able to communicate with others completely anonymous.

Encrypts all your traffic

SurfSolo VPN fully encrypts all your online traffic so not even your service provider knows what sites you visit or what else you do online. This is especially important when you use WLAN hotspots so the WLAN provider cannot spoof your activities.

Proactive firewall

If your computer is infected by viruses or a security vulnerable software tries to leak out your real IP, the integrated SurfSolo VPN active Firewall will safeguard your privacy and automatically block malicious applications.

No country restrictions

Depending on the country you live, several websites such as Youtube, Facebook, eShops, Gambling etc. restrict their content. Surfsolo-VPN lets the internet think you are from another country and bypasses all restrictions.

TOR / P2P Welcome

With SurfSolo VPN you are welcome and safe to use TOR or P2P file sharing software such as Emule or others. Your real IP and identity is safe at any moment and exchanged with the IP of our secure servers.

Easy to use

SurfSolo VPN is very easy to use!  Just install the application, enter your username / password and click on “Start-VPN” and your internet traffic will be optimally protected.

No logs policy

We are freedom fighter and believe anyone should have the right to surf the internet anonymous. With SecurStar VPN we do not keep any logs about your surfing activities and by law we are allowed to do so.

Friendly support

Got a sales or support question?
Our friendly, smart, and dedicated support agents are here to help you at any time.

Secure voice and chat

With the 12 months plan you will get our PhoneCrypt desktop application for FREE.  With it you can safely exchange files, text messages and speak fully encrypted with your friends.