1. Can I use SurfSolo VPN for P2P File-Sharing and Tor?
    While most other VPN providers don’t like this, at SurfSolo VPN we don’t care.
    You can use TOR, eMule, or any other P2P system as you like.
  2. In my country, many homepages are blocked or censored. Would I be able to access those sites using SurfSolo-VPN ?
    When you use SurfSolo-VPN, your internet or service provider is completely bypassed. The internet thinks you are in another country and as such censorship or other restrictions will no longer apply.
  3. May I use SurfSolo VPN to do illegal things ?
    -Definitely NOT!- If you plan to do illegal things including email spamming, hacking, sharing child pornographic material etc… don’t  become our customer !
  4. Do you store any of my online activity data?
    We don’t store any of your online activity data (we keep no logs).
  5. Do I have download limits?
    No, the online traffic is unmetered.
  6. We are from the Police and need information’s about one of your customers …
    The SurfSolo-VPN team is a strong believer in online privacy; this is one of the main reasons why we have created the SurfSolo product. According to German law we are not required to keep logs of any of our customer’s online activity and as such we are not keeping any. This means we have no information at all to share regardless of the particular situation.
  7. Should I keep the firewall enabled or disabled in SurfSolo VPN?
    By the default the proactive firewall is enabled in the software for security reasons. This will ensure that no malware on your computer (virus or security vulnerable software) may leak out your real IP address. The firewall will however also block access to your local network, remote drives or server. If you need to access to your local network just turn the firewall off from the “settings” panel of the SurfSolo-VPN software.
  8. Can I select which software and browser go through the VPN?
    With SurfSolo-VPN all your applications will automatically go through the VPN.
    If you wish to configure only specific software to surf securely, then you can download our old SurfSolo 3 client here:

You will need to enter the following details into SurfSolo 3:

Server: firecrypt.com
Username: Same one you received with your SurfSolo VPN subscription
Password: Same one you received with your SurfSolo VPN subscription
Port: 4426

For the program “X” define a new forwarding in SurfSolo with the port number “xxxx” (a number between 1024 and 65535).
When adding the port forwarding you need to choose a local port that it is not used by another program. Then go to your X program proxy server settings and set the proxy host to and the proxy port to the port that you forwarded (“xxxx”).