SurfSolo VPN

Anonymous and encrypted internet surfing


About Anonymous Surfing

GERMAN:::SurfSolo makes the user totally anonymous and invisible on the Internet
The solution creates an encrypted virtual tunnel between the computer and one of the worldwide SecurStar VPN servers.
This tunnel shields users from the most malicious methods of online spying. SurfSolo acts like a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) for companies although it was designed originally for private use. The solution is easy to install and works transparently in the background.

Main Features & Benefits


Anonymous Internet (hides/changes your real IP)

With Surfsolo VPN you can surf completely anonymous on the internet. Your real IP is hidden and exchanged with the one of our worldwide servers so nobody will ever be able to track you down.


Encrypts all your Internet traffic

Whenever you Surf online your Internet (or WiFi) provider can see all you do online. SurfSolo VPN encrypts all your online traffic providing total privacy and impeding anyone to know what you do online.


Circumvent country specific restrictions

Many homepages block user from certain countries. SurfSolo VPN circumvents such restrictions allowing you for instance to watch movies and videos by pretending you are in the authorized country.


Anonymous Email Account Included

Email addresses generally reveal your identity and location. SurfSolo VPN includes an anonymous E-Mail address that ensures your full anonymity whenever you communicate with others.

Select Your Plan

We offer different plan options to best match your needs.


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Minimal 1month plan

  • €9.95
  • You save 0%
  • €9.95 Billed Monthly
  • Bonus : N.A.
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Best offer 1 year plan

  • €5.83 / month
  • You save 40%
  • €69.95 billed annualy
  • BONUS:
  • 3 months of PhoneCrypt (worth 100 €)
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Standard 6 months plan

  • €7.50 /month
  • You save 25 %
  • € 45 billed every 6 months
  • Bonus : N.A.
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